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Our system provides flexibility and universality in its use. Customers get personal identification number which does not depend on a phone line or carrier; that gives the opportunity to use our services in any part of the world and remain connected with no call drops in a reasonable and cheaper rate. Features such as Callback, Direct DID numbers, Web Callback, Calling Cards, Registered numbers are some of the features available with this platform.
Amazing Call Quality. Affordable Prices.
Reasons to use Cyrstal Voix for all of your Pinless Calling needs:
Great, low rates!
No PINs, cards or hassles!
Easy, online account management!
24/7/365 top notch customer service!
With Crystal Voix there are no limits. You can call anyone, using any carrier or phone.

No limits!
Crystal Voix uses the latest innovations in telecommunications to keep rates low and call quality Crystal clear!
Try us and experience the Crystal Voix difference!
To use the crystal system, here are a few simple steps:
1. Sign-up by entering your profile information and click the “Proceed to CheckOut” button
2. Call any of the access Numbers from the US or Canada to start using Crystalvoix
3. At the prompt enter your PIN (if you have PINLESS access setup, this step will be skipped)
1.     Ensure you have pinless dial set up. This option enables you to use the system without having to enter your PIN If you have not done that, click on Pinless Access from your home page
2.     Ensure you have Speed dial set up. This function enables you to assign a numeric number to your frequently dialed numbers. When the system prompts you to enter the phone number of the person you want to call, all you do is enter the numeric digits you assigned to the number and Crystal Voix will automatically dial the international number for you. If you are not setup for speed dial, click on Speed Dial from your home page.

Have a wonderful, Crystal clear experience!
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Prepaid Calling Cards
Prepaid / Postpaid Calling Services (PIN based and ANI based)
Wholesale Origination/Termination Billing (allows for 1 second billing)
Call Back Service
Direct DID
Registerd Numbers
Long distance budget controls


  • Online account management
  • No connection Fee
  • No Service Fee
  • Low balance Account
  • Flexible Monthly Bill Option
  • Direct call to international destinations
  • Direct DID numbers
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